The Affiliate Marketing Secrets To Success

Regardless how you get traffic to your affiliate marketing business. The aim is to work smarter and use less of your time to get maximun results in a short amount of time. To tell you the truth, there are no such things as affiliate marketing secrets… BUT there are practical strategies that successful affiliates use and “forget to share”. Well, I found 3 strategies and they have become secrets revealed in the following article. Let me explain…


I Discovered 3 Affiliate Marketing Secrets

After months of researching and studying what the successful affiliates do, I discovered 3 of the best kept secrets. I call them secrets because it was the first time I’ve heard these strategies and it may be the same for you.

Now there are some things you must have in place within your business for these affiliate marketing secrets to work for you.

For starters, you’ll need to have a clear idea about your niche market. This is an essential ingredient for the following strategies to work for you. You’ll need to find your competition in all the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.

Focus on the social media platforms where most of your competitors are found. After you’ve done your research, you should have raw count of where your competitors are and where they’re not. A pattern should emerge. It may well turn out  that most of your competitors focus primarily on Twitter.

Some niches tend to focus on Facebook. Whatever the case may be, identify the social media platforms where most of your competitors can be found. Make sure that, regardless of where your competitors are on the major social media platforms, you figure out how they distribute their content.

Look for clues to answer these questions:

  • Do they participate in group discussions?
  • Do they have their own pages or do they basically promote their content on other people’s pages?
  • What kind of hashtags do they use?

Pay attention to what they’re doing on the major social media platforms your niche market visits.

The Reverse Engineer Strategy

Pick apart your competitors’ patterns and work backwards to understand what makes them good. You should have a clear idea of where they promote on those social media platforms and do what you can to join some of their groups.

Another thing you’ll notice are going to be the hashtags that they use. Instagram and Twitter use hashtags. So, identify the hashtags that are most commonly used in your niche.

Gather a much information of the type of content that your competition is using within your niche. Specially the ones that are quite viral on social media. Then create an improved version of some of this content. This is your own top-notch content.

The Sandwich Strategy

The “sandwich” is a way to put your content on social media with your competitors’ very best social media content. In other words, you use high-quality materials produced by your competitors, to establish credibility and context.

When people see your brand on social media and they see your post, it becomes readily apparent that you’re only going to talk about a fairly narrow range of topics. This establishes your brand as the go-to-person or credible authority within a  narrow range of categories.

This is crucial because you can post all sorts of content about celebrities, political, economic stories or gossip. If you start doing this, then it’s going to dilute your message. To use the sandwich method, you’re going to have to stay on point with your topics. You have to stay laser-focused on your niche.

The way the sandwich strategy works is that you’re basically alternating between third-party content, your own content, third-party content and then call-to-action content and then back again. Remember your content is reverse-engineered from the best materials your competitors can come up with. In other words, you’ve taken their best and improved on it. Third-party content are useful link within your niche market. The call-to-action content is where visitors will opt-in and  signup to your email list.

The Social Automation Strategy

As you can tell from my description of the sandwich strategy above, this is going to be a bit much to handle on a manual basis. You can do that if you have a lot of spare time or if you’ve hired a virtual assistant from places like the Philippines or India.

However, the better approach would just simply be to automate. By using tools like SocialOomph or Hootsuite or one of many other versions of these two tools, you can feed your social media accounts a huge amount of content URLs ahead of time.

You feed them once, but these tools make sure to publish based on the schedule you set. You don’t have to publish manually one by one. Instead, you just input everything once, make sure you set everything up in terms of the think, the title as well as other elements and then the software does it on an autopilot basis.

This doesn’t mean that you’re just going to relax and take it easy. Even after the software is already posting your updates, you should also log into your social media accounts and engage with influential thought leaders or known-and-proven subject matter authorities in your niche on those different social media platforms.

This way they can republish some of your stuff. Maybe they can retweet your stuff. Whatever the case may be you end up getting some of their fans’ eyeballs because of your engagement with them.

Don’t think that just because you have set up your automated software that is all you need to do. You also have to manually engage on social media. It is social media so this means that you have to be social.


There you have it!

You just found the 3 affiliate marketing secrets to success. I hope you take action on what you’ve learned today. And one more thing, forget what you’ve heard about social media and the effectiveness of its traffic. Social media is one of the keys  to every affiliate out there. Go make it happen!

~ Eddie Sand






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I just started with my content creation and it felt like you slapped my hand when you said “You have to stay laser-focused on your niche”. I like the way how you delivered your message short and sweet but has very good information. I had to bookmark your post so I can go back and absorb every bit of it. Thanks so much for sharing your secrets, Eddie! 🙂


These are secrets that are really hidden from most online affiliates. I have been working on my blog for some few months and this is the first time I am hearing about these secrets. Some of us neglect to make use of social media and just stick to creating contents. Quality content is always king but it is important to get involved in social engagements so you can make your brand more known to your audience. Being able to understand how your competitors go about their business is very important because it can make you come up with even better… Read more »


Great advice for a newbie as well as a well seasoned affiliate marketer Eddie.
Social media is the place to be and the interaction on the platforms are so important.
Thank you for valuable tips growing your traffic too.
Looking forward to more strategies.
Bush Lady


Hi Eddie,
I’m so glad to be in an industry where I learn new things everyday! thanks, this had some really useful info in it. Where did you learn this?

Have a super day!



That’s good to hear Karina. It makes me happy you got some really useful info in this article. I’ve been doing online marketing for 6 years now. Through my experience, I’ve learned cool tricks like the sandwich strategy.

Ivan Brozincevic

Great advice over here. I am starting some social campaign and I can see the number three to be the one for me. I have a fair amount of content to share and I was already using schedule option on certain networks, but this secret of yours will make things much easier in the future. Thank you!


That’s great Ivan that you’re into the social media automation. Once I learned about it I was released from stressing out about posting daily.


My mind is blown. I have been looking for this exact strategy and was beginning to think the only way to achieve it was to hire someone from India thanks for the post! You are a “traffic saver” hehe pun intended.


Hey Doc! I am glad I saved you from the headaches that comes with outsourcing these types of affiliate marketing strategies. Definitely use automation software like hootsuite, that will save you a lot of time.


The sandwich strategy is a new one for me. I would never think to link to my competitor’s content on social media to help my own blog. I thought that it would send readers away from my site and detract from my affiliate site. My site and I should give it shot. I do have a question though. My experience with social automation site apps has been that they cost money per month. At this point in my blog and because I am a university student, I cannot afford to pay for much. Are SocialOomph and Hootsuite free? Thank you… Read more »


Alex you’re right. All the social media automation will cost money to invest. However, since you’re just starting out you can use the free options like Hootsuite or Buffer. You’ll be able to apply the sandwich strategy using one of the Apps without paying for it. I am currently using Buffer.


I have used the social media for some traffic before. I have never heard of or used any of your three ways to drive some traffic. How do you explore and get this information on the hashtags that are used. Do you search by the hashtag or look for post by you competition. I am going to use these on my post for the next few weeks and see what happens. Looks like I have some research to do today.


John I am glad you found these affiliate marketing strategies to drive traffic. The question you’re asking is how to search for posts by your competition? And you’re right, you can look up hashtags or simply search using your niche market keywords. But to be specific, hashtags are best found in Twitter and Instagram. Everyone posting in these two social platforms are encouraged to use hashtags. So it would be easier for you to search with hashtags there. Now if your market is using Facebook or Linkedin, then you would search by keywords or phrases to find your competitors posts.… Read more »